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Everyone is battening down the hatches for a big ice storm that is supposed to hit this evening. They have pre-emptively canceled schools in the area for this afternoon and tomorrow. I work inside a manufacturing facility and my office doesn't look outside at all so I've been taking trips up to the front of the building so that I can see outside and see what's up. The drive home will not be fun if it does start getting icy.  It's a very hilly region with lots of overpasses that get incredibly slick and there are a lot of people around here that panic rather than driving intelligently. They do things like ride peoples bumpers over bridges and then slam on their brakes and slide sideways down the highway. Good times.

Went to a new wine bar on Saturday. It was one of those places that gives you a card that you put money on and then you stick it into a bank of machines with tons of different types of wines there for tasting. You pay by the taste, half glass or full glass. It was fun and new for this area. I forget how easily I get drunk on wine and how much it hurts the next day. 

I also got my hair cut on Saturday. I love the cut and the pictures from Saturday night look great.......... if I could just get rid of the double chin that is. I've been working out really consistently since New Years and I feel a ton better but I've got to restrict my calories a lot more if I'm going to see any results. Nights of wine and pizza aren't going to make things any better either.


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