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 Work has been interesting today. Apparently while I was on vacation Friday we had some layoffs. Scary. My group wasn't affected but we are a small company so I saw all of those people every day.  The boy has a week of unpaid leave coming up with his company. Everyone has to take a week in the month of March. That's better than the 10% pay cut that was discussed. This is all very scary stuff. I don't even want to consider trying to find a job in this market. 

Camping this weekend was fun. However I kept getting left with the wives of 'the boys' friends while they went off and bonded. I have absolutely nothing in common with these women. I'm to used to being one of the boys. The guys were making dirty jokes so I joined in and apparently shocked one of the other guys wives. She was uncomfortable around me after that. I'm also at least 5-7 years older then them and have traveled a lot more. The fact that we are having our wedding in Jamaica is so out of their realm that they thought we were joking.  Other than that his buddies are fun. They're just a bunch of gamers who like to pretend they can rough it in the woods. (We were in a cabin in a national park) By Saturday morning everyone had pulled out their iPhones to check their email. Too funny.

My delicious account makes me look like a schizophrenic right now. I've been reading the weirdest stuff from Smallville and Supernatural fic to this Numb3rs epic that I found last week. I think I needed a break from bandom. The OTP for the majority of these shows though is brothers. I don't think I've read this much incest fic ever.  And since I've not been a dedicated view of any of these shows I get confused easily and I've spent a lot of time on IMDB looking actors up so I make sure I've got the right character in my head.  If anyone has some truly epic fic for any of these three or Criminal Minds I'd love the recs.


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