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Oh good, its Monday morning again. grrr.  This weekend was actually quite lovely after we got past a rainy dreary Saturday.  We did get a little shopping done on Saturday and managed to purchase our wedding bands. Eeep. I believe the Boy may have blacked out a bit when he tried the ring on.

One of our local jewelry stores is going out of business and they have things marked down to practically wholesale prices so we went in and checked things out. I got a white gold band with some round cut channel set diamonds that I can wear with or without my engagement ring. My engagement ring sits up really high so for work it will be nice to just wear a flat band sometimes. The Boy wanted something unique but didn't want any precious stones. He found this beautiful 18k gold band with yellow, white and rose gold swirled in a really need pattern. Our bands look nothing alike but then I've never been hung up on that. Mine was 75% off and his was 50% off so I'm fairly pleased with us.

Work remains good. Nothing is certain in the economic situation we are in but there don't appear to be any signs of more layoff's. *crosses fingers* The Boy has another week of unpaid vacation coming up. Looks like that will continue monthly until the end of the fiscal year. We can handle it but it definitely puts a damper on things.

So I guess I must actually start on some work, I've procrastinated as long as possible. Have an excellent Monday LJ.


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