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Bones broke me a little last night. Besides wanting to take Sweets home with me the last few minutes with Brennen and Booth were just wrenching. Don't get me wrong the episode was still hysterical and I loved the bit where Bones was so upset that as a cultural anthropologist she couldn't tell the difference between  the bands by their music and Booth says that's what his father said about Black Flag. Awesome.  Also Sweets dressed up with the face paint and collar........ 

CSI was amusing. I haven't watched an episode in forever but I can't pass up a Star Trek/JJ Abrams spoof. Plus lots and lots of Hodges who I can't help but adore.

Other than TV, I'm taking a half day today. I'm trying to find a doctor that I like in the area and we've changed insurance providers so much that everyone is having problems. I haven't had a regular doctor in at least 8 years and I've been feeling generally crappy lately so it's time to find someone. I'm not accustom to going to the dr other than the girlie doctor once a year. But I've started getting frequent headaches and my energy levels are in the basement so time to figure out if there is a treatable physical reason or change my diet drastically or something.

Well, I guess that half day of vacation means I need to get some work done rather than posting.
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