May. 18th, 2009

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  • Have seen Star Trek the movie, am completely and totally in love with the entire genre all over again. Were it not for the boy I would have seen the movie at least 2 more times this past week.
  • Went to annual Crawfish Boil, ate small crustaceans, drank beer, got sunburned.
  • Saw the sun this weekend for what felt like the first time in weeks. Laied out in the backyard Sunday even after sun exposure on Saturday. (see 2nd bullet point)
  • Am so completely ready for Memorial Day its not funny. Lakehouse here we come!
  • Swimsuit and fun sundress ordered from Torrid have vanished into the ether after being sent to Fedex and after 2 phone calls are hopefully being resent via overnight air in time for Memorial Day weekend. (see previous bullet point)
  • Finally watched season finale of Numb3rs which almost made slash cannon! Yay Colby/Ian!
  • Have decided that my mother is a drama magnet and although I love her I am very glad that I live a couple hours away so that I don't get dragged into the mess.
  • My Thursdays have not turned into 'the day of solid meetings' thanks to the addition of 1 new weekly meeting and 1 new bi-monthly meeting. Forget getting anything accomplished on these days.
  • Must get to the gym this week. I totally slacked off last week and I'm feeling it. C'mon energy level.....


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