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 So far this morning I have inadvertantly karate chopped my towel rack off the wall in the bathroom and sneezed oatmeal all over my office. Thank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow because I don't think I could handle another morning of this. 

So no FOB tour dates nearby this spring. I suppose I could head to Dallas and stay with friends but really we are trying to save money so maybe its a good idea to stay home. 

Boy I'm cheery, I'm going to read fic and avoid work/

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 I needed a smile today and this totally did it. Evolution of Dance pt 2  

This weekend was great. We slept in I read a bunch of SGA fic and ignored the finale. I'll watch it, I will, just not yet. Ran a bunch of errands and got Save the Date cards ordered for the destination ceremony. Actually they are more like ceremony invitations since we will be doing seperate invites for the reception but whatever. 

The Boy made chili. yum yum. We went to the gym both Saturday and Sunday so that makes 5 days of working out last week. 

This morning however the Boy has reported that they are doing major layoffs at his work. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he won't be included. He's in the reserch and development side of things and I think manufacturing is going to be hit the hardest but you never know and there aren't a ton of jobs for analytical chemists in the corner of the state.  Everyone think positive thoughts for me if you will.

I'd just like to get through this year happy, healthy and employed as I'm sure everyone else would.

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 I don't think I want to watch the very last SG-Atlantis. I'm sure I will at some point but I enjoyed the hell out of the Vegas episode and I'm not sure I want to follow it up with an ep that I have heard isn't too great.  

After all the rumblings yesterday I went ahead and backed up my journal over at Insanejournal. I've had the username held over there for a while so I'm divafits over there as well.  I know that I don't have any wonderful fic or delightful insight that really needs to be saved but as of February 1 there will be 4 years of my fannish life caught up in this journal.  I went back and read the first few entries and giggled a lot remembering what was going on at the time. My first post was the night of the Superbowl after the 'Wardrobe Malfunction.'  Too funny.

Wedding and Workout stuff )
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 I'm trying to book a trip to Jamaica for.... my WEDDING! But I'm also trying to do 8 million other things and the travel agent will not call me back. grrrr....  
I promise not to spam with wedding stuff. I'll make sure it's under a cut after this so no one has to be annoyed with it if they don't want to. 

I was really really enjoying the time off last week and getting back into the swing of things today has been rough. I managed to get my schedule all mess up by staying up until 2 and 3 am and sleeping in until 10 last week. This 6 am bullshit has got to go. 

Also I gave the boy a gym membership for Christmas so that we could both go together and he has taken it as a personal mission to get me to the gym every day. This is good because my ass needs to go to the gym. However, I was unaware about how militant he could be. yikes.
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 Friday! finally...... 

We sent the boy's Dad off this morning for his 10 hour drive home. It was nice having him up here and he brought a ton of his old records to us. I did a cursory look through and saw tons of Hendrix and the Stones and some Hirt. We should have a blast going through them this weekend. I
I am still spectacularly unprepared for Christmas. It's pretty much all planned out but I've got to execute that plan this weekend and my motivation is low. 

Work is quiet. Everyone is taking vacation this week and the next. I've been hiding in my office listening to the new FOB and AAR albums. AAR is really easy to listen to. It's bouncy and fun and keeps my head bopping in my chair.  I'm still trying to figure out the FOB album. It's not what I originally thought it was. The more I listen to it the more confusing it gets. It's like there is the potientional for 3 different types of albums in there and they all got stuck into one.  I've got my favorite 3 or 4 songs pulled out and the rest I'm pretty indiferent to. 

Christmas is turning out to be pretty hectic. We have 2 parties, 3 dinners, 2 meetings with travel agents and 1 appt for dress shopping with Mom. That's all in 4 days. Somewhere in there I'm demanding sleeping late in the mornings and naps. Lots and lots of naps.

The MCR boys blogging and twittering is the best thing ever. This must continue.
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20 Dollar Nosebleed is the finale for a huge musical. I desperately want a Wentz/Stump/Urie writing team musical. It would be phenomenal. 
I can actually see the staging and cheography in my head.
I love this album..... 
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The weather is freezing. I'm in my favorite wool sweater at work with my office door closed and FOB's new album cranked up loud.  I've got a meeting in 20 minutes to try and straighten out a mess that one of the baby engineers made. It's not going to be fun but he's trying.

My future father in law is coming in town tomorrow and the guest room is not at all ready for habitation. So that will be fun tonight. I also completely forgot to wrap his present so that has to be done tonight. I'm not quite sure what we are going to do with him for 3 days while both of us work but I'm sure he can entertain himself.

On a more fun note, I have an appointment with one of my friends that is a travel agent to start talking about wedding stuff. Yay beachy wedding. Anyone have recommendations for a particular location? I'm thinking the Cayman Islands or the US Virgin Islands.
crap... I actually have to work.....
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Ok people XM Radio, ALT Nation just told me that GERARD WAY is expecting a baby in 2009??? Have we heard about this? I don't see major squeeeing on my flist? Is the DJ making stuff up?

ETA apparently I missed all the hulabaloo over Thanksgiving.... geez. I'm so out of the loop......
someone needs to revoke my fandom card.
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Ugh... Got back from a week at the beach on Saturday. We were joyful to be back in our own bed and not sharing a house with 20 some other people and 3 screaming children. Of course I then woke up on Sunday to SNOW!
WTF I don't remember getting snow in November in forever. I want to go back to the beach. Even with the screaming children.

Finished shopping for the Boy today. Amazon.com has some pretty good deals on their electronics. Now I just have to figure out to get for my parents. My mother, father and step mother buy whatever they want anyway so coming up with neat stuff for them is difficult.

Tonight is Christmas tree night I think. I meant to do it yesterday but I was so worn out from the 2 day drive that I barely moved from the couch. 
3.5 weeks til Christmas, 3 weekends left. yikes! 
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5 days and counting until I'm on the beach. I don't know if I'm any more prepared for a huge household of soon to be relatives than I was last year but I'm going just the same.  One of the downfalls of coming from a small family is having a hard time spending a week around a loud southern, italian, catholic family in a relatively small space.

Last year the Ghost Hunters marathon on Sci Fi saved my life. I was able to cloister myself in a bedroom with the boy's sister and veg.

I feel remarkably productive after the last few days. Saturday was ridiculously cold. But Sunday was beautiful and I managed to get my front door painted. 

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So I purchased gasoline for my car yesterday at $1.82/gallon! I can't even remember when it was that low. I guess that is one good thing to come out of this economic crisis.

Have you ever really really wanted to like a CD but just can't? Usually if I'm not that impressed and I listen a few more times then it grows on me but ..... I really really do not like This Is Ivy League. I've got it loaded on my work computer and every time one of the songs from that album cycles through I listen for about 30 seconds and then have to change it. I'm going to have to completely remove it from my player. I can't even make it through the entire album to see if maybe there is one song on there I could like. It's just so totally out of the realm of what I normally listen to that I can't switch gears. Sorry Alex and Ryland, no can do.

It's finally turned into fall around here. Today actually feels almost like winter. We're in the 40s and it's raining. Yuck. Days like this I'm glad I can't see outside from my office.

My fanfic reading has taken a strange turn. Every once in a while I go off on these tangents and read old fandoms but this time I started out reading a Bandom/SGA crossover then a SGA/NCIS crossover then wound up on an authors website and started in on some X-files fic. I've been wandering around X-files fiction for over a week for no really good reason other than I'm stuck in a Skinner mood. (I've been reading het fic OMG!) I did the same thing with Sentinel a couple of months ago. I spent a good week reading Sentinel/SG-1 crossovers.  Of course I've never seen a Sentinel episode so all my knowledge is based on fic. The bad part of this is that both X-files and Sentinel are pretty dead as far as new fic goes so I keep running into dead links or unfinished stories marked as WIP. It's been kind of frustrating. It's nice to have such good resources in Bandom and SGA, I know where to go to find the 'good fic.'
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I am incredibly thrilled with the outcome of the Presidential Election. The only thing taking the smile off my face this morning is the fact that Prop 8 in California looks bad and my own state has passed Act 1. Act 1 prevents any couple that is not legally married from adopting or becoming a foster family.  So no single parent families or unwed couples of any kind whether they are gay or straight.

That is truly disappointing.

But I'm going to listen to Mr Obama's speech from last night and dig into work because today I'm full of optimism and hope for the next four years.
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History is being made. Senator Barack Obama elected 44th President of the United States of America.
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I keep seeing these phenominal videos from Grant Park and it makes me teary. Of course the wine that I've been drinking since dinner doesn't help. I know of at least 4 friends that are there waiting for history to be made.

I hope, I hope, I hope that things go the way that many of us want it too and then lolapalooza, J and M and hundreds of thousands of other Americans get to experience it all first hand.

What a night.
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Just to add my voice to the many. I voted! I proudly filled in my little circles and didn't think about the bad pee smell coming from the church's childrens play room that was being used as a polling location.

Got to love the midwest. I don't think I have every voted anywhere else other than a church. That's separation of church and state for you.

I'm going to sit on my couch in my politically bipolar household and watch the returns and try not to make snide comments about John McCain and Mrs. Palin.
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This is what I was missing....

Les Misbarack
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I'm sucking at posting and responding to comments.

This weekend was the 'Great Closet Clean-out of 2008.'  I haven't touched my closets since the Boy moved in at the beginning of the year. What that means is there are sweaters and hand washables that accumulate on the floor of the closet due to my procrastination. Then the season changes and I don't need those clothes so the pile grows and grows. I had a half packed suitcase from when we went to Nashville in August still crammed into my closet. I can practically hear people cringing at my disorganization.

So 2 bags of clothes ready for donation and in a surprising move 36 pairs of shoes.  I went through my shoe closet as well. Yes, I have a shoe closet, yes its gluttonous but it is something of a collection for me. I don't collect comic books or trinkets. I collect shoes. When I moved from Tennessee to Arkansas 3.5 years ago I had well over 200 pairs. I am now down to 115. I counted. All of them in good condition and wearable. I realized yesterday I had a ridiculous number of tennis shoes that should have been thrown out long ago, the remnants of my past life as an aerobics instructor. One pair of shoes that will never be thrown out and the oldest pair I own is the 1993 Air Jordon's that I wore briefly for basketball. They have never been worn on pavement and are still in their original box. Love them! At some point I'm sure I'll have to whittle down to fewer pairs but right now I have the space.

I'm still limping about due to some random knee injury. I've got an appointment on Thursday to see what in the world I have done. There was no traumatic event that started it all it's just been getting progressively worse for 3 weeks. I've gotten to the point that even swimming hurts so it's definitely time to figure it out. 

I'm loving the fall weather we have been getting. Blue, blue skies and 60 degree days. Wonderful. However it is dark when I'm supposed to be hauling my ass out of bed in the morning and that is just wrong. I need to win the lottery so that I don't have to get up before the sun does.

Oh yeah and it's Monday......
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The boy just made me break down NKOTB to him in relation to Nsync. He was too young to remember them the first time around. After seeing the New Kids video on VH1 he was all confused. The conversation then degenerated into a who would win in a fight between the New Kids, Nsync and their BSB counterparts. Hah!

I don't know what do you all think?
Justin vs Nick vs Joey McIntire

JC vs Brian vs Jordon Knight

Kirkpatrick vs AJ vs Wahlberg  (or should it be Kevin? I didn't know whether to go with so called 'badass' members or oldest in the group?)

Best converstation had before I've had my caffeine in a long time.
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I love this fucking show!  Destination Truth on SciFi is the most awesome and ridiculous show ever. Josh and his group are actually getting paid to wander around Iceland searching for Wood Elves. He actually made the statement that this is the strangest thing they have done. I disagree. When they searched the coast of Vietnam for a large swimming worm with big teeth in the middle of the night on a rickity ass boat with no lights. That was strange and mostly stupid.

Sorry if this spoiled anyone for Destination Truth but I mean really, they aren't going to find anything.  They haven't ever found anything to date.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 07:48 pm
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Just got back from a 2 day trip to go see Tina Turner in Kansas City.   I've been to a lot of performances but wow. It's been a long time since I've been to a concert where the headliner had no opening act and then performed all out for 2.5 hours. I've never been anywhere that the performer was a 68 year old woman who was wearing 4 inch heels, a sequined mini skirt and hitting every note like she was 30.

The production quality was excellant, her musicians were phenomenal, the crowd was hysterical (I would have paid the money to watch the crowd alone) and Ms Turner was a class act.

In the mean time I've managed to do something to my knee. At the moment the right one is 2 times the size of the left one. I've been walking and dancing on it for two days and it's not happy. I have no clue what set it off but ow.

I'm not going to have the chance to catch up on the flist until this weekend.

Rollin', rollin'......
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