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  • Have seen Star Trek the movie, am completely and totally in love with the entire genre all over again. Were it not for the boy I would have seen the movie at least 2 more times this past week.
  • Went to annual Crawfish Boil, ate small crustaceans, drank beer, got sunburned.
  • Saw the sun this weekend for what felt like the first time in weeks. Laied out in the backyard Sunday even after sun exposure on Saturday. (see 2nd bullet point)
  • Am so completely ready for Memorial Day its not funny. Lakehouse here we come!
  • Swimsuit and fun sundress ordered from Torrid have vanished into the ether after being sent to Fedex and after 2 phone calls are hopefully being resent via overnight air in time for Memorial Day weekend. (see previous bullet point)
  • Finally watched season finale of Numb3rs which almost made slash cannon! Yay Colby/Ian!
  • Have decided that my mother is a drama magnet and although I love her I am very glad that I live a couple hours away so that I don't get dragged into the mess.
  • My Thursdays have not turned into 'the day of solid meetings' thanks to the addition of 1 new weekly meeting and 1 new bi-monthly meeting. Forget getting anything accomplished on these days.
  • Must get to the gym this week. I totally slacked off last week and I'm feeling it. C'mon energy level.....
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Bones from last night )

CSI Star Trek spoof )

Other than TV, I'm taking a half day today. I'm trying to find a doctor that I like in the area and we've changed insurance providers so much that everyone is having problems. I haven't had a regular doctor in at least 8 years and I've been feeling generally crappy lately so it's time to find someone. I'm not accustom to going to the dr other than the girlie doctor once a year. But I've started getting frequent headaches and my energy levels are in the basement so time to figure out if there is a treatable physical reason or change my diet drastically or something.

Well, I guess that half day of vacation means I need to get some work done rather than posting.
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Where has the time gone? I think I've been scrambling to keep up with work to much to post. 

Don't know how I feel about the whole Dreamwidth thing but I have got an account set up over there as divafits. So if anyone feels like friending me then have at it. I can barely manage one journal let alone multiple.

Had Friday off because of the holiday so I've had two mornings to sleep in and two afternoons to nap while the Masters was on tv.  Tonight the boy is playing Left for Dead and I'm watching bad made for TV movies with Brittany Murphy on them. Not a bad evening.

I've downloaded the first season of Farscape and I'm going to see if I can delve into a new sci-fi obsession. I've heard nothing but good and weird stuff about the show and Ben Browder is hot so once I finish Numb3rs season 2 I'm inserting scifi back into the rotation.

And now back to bad Nora Robert's based movies on Lifetime.

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I don't have much to say beyond the fact that this week is dragging by. But there are a few things making it better. First there is this awesomeness.  They have made my most favorite book ever into a live action movie?! And it looks like it's going to be good.

Then there is the fact that Gerard Way exists and is trying to buy a Trans Am. He has listed what he wants in order of awesome. And it seems once he gets on a roll answering Twitters there is no stopping him.  He is the most precious person ever.

Headed to the 'burg to visit my Momma this weekend. I haven't been back since Christmas so it will be nice to be 'home' for a bit.

Also I really don't want to be at work today and have been procrastinating/wasting time reading badly written Buffy/Numb3rs crossovers. I don't think that a well written one exists but I'm on the lookout.

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Oh good, its Monday morning again. grrr.  This weekend was actually quite lovely after we got past a rainy dreary Saturday.  We did get a little shopping done on Saturday and managed to purchase our wedding bands. Eeep. I believe the Boy may have blacked out a bit when he tried the ring on.

Wedding band blather )

Work remains good. Nothing is certain in the economic situation we are in but there don't appear to be any signs of more layoff's. *crosses fingers* The Boy has another week of unpaid vacation coming up. Looks like that will continue monthly until the end of the fiscal year. We can handle it but it definitely puts a damper on things.

So I guess I must actually start on some work, I've procrastinated as long as possible. Have an excellent Monday LJ.
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My little hometown made the NYT for a culinary reason. How weird. I grew up on Cashew Chicken and there is no where else in the country you can get anything similar. It's one of the main things I must eat when I go home for  a visit. And our main meal on Christmas Day when no one wants to cook.

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 Daylight savings has bee all turned around. I really disliked driving to the work in the dark this morning. Of course looking forward to a week of the company president in town and project reviews could have put a damper on my mood as well. 

This weekend was incredibly lazy and fic filled. I went out with the girls on Friday night and got schnockered on way to much Pinot. I didn't get out of my PJ's on Saturday and spent the day with some fantastic Numb3rs fic,WWE re-runs and leftover mexican. It was bliss. Sunday the boy and I took his convertible out for a drive because it was 75 and beautiful. I got the first sunburn of the season and then went back to the fic and this time Top Gear re-runs. I love that show!

The month of March looks to be pretty calm. No travel or impending parental visits. Also this coming Friday will be my 2 year anniversary with the boy. Scary and wonderful. To think next year at this time we'll have been married for 4 months. 

5 o'clock cannot get here any faster. I may need a nap to get me through til bed time. I really dislike springing forward........

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 Work has been interesting today. Apparently while I was on vacation Friday we had some layoffs. Scary. My group wasn't affected but we are a small company so I saw all of those people every day.  The boy has a week of unpaid leave coming up with his company. Everyone has to take a week in the month of March. That's better than the 10% pay cut that was discussed. This is all very scary stuff. I don't even want to consider trying to find a job in this market. 

Camping this weekend was fun. However I kept getting left with the wives of 'the boys' friends while they went off and bonded. I have absolutely nothing in common with these women. I'm to used to being one of the boys. The guys were making dirty jokes so I joined in and apparently shocked one of the other guys wives. She was uncomfortable around me after that. I'm also at least 5-7 years older then them and have traveled a lot more. The fact that we are having our wedding in Jamaica is so out of their realm that they thought we were joking.  Other than that his buddies are fun. They're just a bunch of gamers who like to pretend they can rough it in the woods. (We were in a cabin in a national park) By Saturday morning everyone had pulled out their iPhones to check their email. Too funny.

My delicious account makes me look like a schizophrenic right now. I've been reading the weirdest stuff from Smallville and Supernatural fic to this Numb3rs epic that I found last week. I think I needed a break from bandom. The OTP for the majority of these shows though is brothers. I don't think I've read this much incest fic ever.  And since I've not been a dedicated view of any of these shows I get confused easily and I've spent a lot of time on IMDB looking actors up so I make sure I've got the right character in my head.  If anyone has some truly epic fic for any of these three or Criminal Minds I'd love the recs.

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 I keep starting a post and then getting distracted. Yesterday was a fabulous birthday. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] babygotbass  for the card.  The boy took me to dinner and then to see Avenue Q which was fantastic. I'd been listening to the soundtrack for years but I hadn't had the chance to see the show live. It definitely met and exceeded all of my expectations. 

We are headed off to the wilds of Louisiana this weekend for a cabin camping trip with the boy's college buddies and their respective wives. Should be fun as long there is hot water and plenty of alcohol. I'm not much of a camper. 

Wedding babble )
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 Ok english speakers... I just saw something on Facebook that bothered me and now I'm checking. 

Chic is always pronounced like sheik right? Never Chik.... Because there is a group out there called Running Chics and that seems very incorrect to me when I know that they mean Running Chicks. 

Am I to narrow minded? 
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That totally beats a wardrobe malfunction.

In other news Facebook is a weird place. It's fun to see how the 'People You May Know' thing connects you to others. Also strange how my friends intersect with each other. There are LJ people that know college people that know high school people that know work people. It's totally random and awesome and it proves that whole 6 degrees or separation thing.

Finally back to work. I never thought I'd be so gald to get back to my office. This week totally proved that if I won the lottery or somehow became independently wealthy I'd have to go back to school or teach aerobics or volunteer at a charity or something. I just don't do idle well. That surprised me because I really did think that I could laze about go to the gym and be perfectly happy.

I've finally downloaded Desolation Row after being without the internets, I can now say... OMG! YAY! Ray beating on people with his guitar! Bob drumming while being attacked! Franky all bent backwards and playing! Mikey looking like sex! Gerard looking like a badass! Boys! Loved the ending as they are being loaded into the wagon!


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.... a mean... whooo. got to love an underdog.

ETA: Well Poooey.
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Star Trek, GI Joe and those damn adorable Budweiser Clydesdales have already made this Superbow worth watching.

OMG can May 6th get here any faster?!!!

and hello Karl Urban I had no idea you were gonna be 'Bones,' I'm sold all over again.
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Today is my 5 year LJ-versary. I started my LJ on the same day that Justin and Janet had the wardrobe malfunction. Ushering in the age of boring Superbowl halftime shows.

Today has been beautiful.  60 degree weather has melted almost all of the 3-4 inches of snow and ice. However I still have several friends without power. I'm actually really glad to be going back to work on Monday. 4 days of staying home due to the plant not having electricity proved I'm a terrible lady of leisure. Particularly since the majority of the time I was without cable and internet. I felt so very disconnected.

I'm going to hope the Cardinals put up a good showing tonight. I don't like blowout games.

Lets hope for an ice free week this week.
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whoo..... Power is back on for the 2nd time.  Hopefully this time it will be on for more than an hour. We lost power last night about 7pm and didn't get it back until 11 am this morning. Then it went off again after an hour. It's back on but I'm not holding my breath. I do have the furnace cranked on high to get the house as warm as possible.

I'll have to go into work tomorrow but the whole plant has been shut down for 2 days.  I don't think that has ever happened in the 35 years the place has been open. Fun with ice storms kids, it doesn't get any better.

We finally got the boy's car cleaned off. There was a solid 3 inches of ice on any flat surface. I have more pictures comparing yesterday to today. Huge difference. 

Hope everyone is safe and warm.

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We just got a little cabin crazy and went outside for a walk.
Some pics of the ice )
More pics and me getting arty. )
It's still sleeting and they think it's going to keep it up until tomorrow morning. That will put us at about 2 inches of ice.  Of course it's supposed to be 50 degrees on Friday so it will all be gone by then.
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Home from work today due to massive amounts of ice and sleet falling from the sky. Right now we've got about 1/2 inch of ice covering everything. The drive home yesterday was horrible, I left at 3 and a half hour drive took me a little over an hour. 2 major wrecks happened right behind me but I managed to stay on the road and away from the crazy people driving 60 miles an hour on pure ice.

Right now we are working our way through our DVR. 2 Ghost Hunters International episodes and a bunch of Bourdain.

I'm sure at some point there will be fic reading as well.

Hope everyone in the path of this weather is safe a warm.


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Everyone is battening down the hatches for a big ice storm that is supposed to hit this evening. They have pre-emptively canceled schools in the area for this afternoon and tomorrow. I work inside a manufacturing facility and my office doesn't look outside at all so I've been taking trips up to the front of the building so that I can see outside and see what's up. The drive home will not be fun if it does start getting icy.  It's a very hilly region with lots of overpasses that get incredibly slick and there are a lot of people around here that panic rather than driving intelligently. They do things like ride peoples bumpers over bridges and then slam on their brakes and slide sideways down the highway. Good times.

Went to a new wine bar on Saturday. It was one of those places that gives you a card that you put money on and then you stick it into a bank of machines with tons of different types of wines there for tasting. You pay by the taste, half glass or full glass. It was fun and new for this area. I forget how easily I get drunk on wine and how much it hurts the next day. 

I also got my hair cut on Saturday. I love the cut and the pictures from Saturday night look great.......... if I could just get rid of the double chin that is. I've been working out really consistently since New Years and I feel a ton better but I've got to restrict my calories a lot more if I'm going to see any results. Nights of wine and pizza aren't going to make things any better either.


Jan. 22nd, 2009 04:55 pm
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 All I need is a new fandom but....... can someone link me to a cw-rps primer? I've been reading some of the spn/J squared bigbang stories and I'm getting confused. 

Steve? whose Steve?  I'm up on the crossover guys from Angel but I'm getting lost.

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 OK so I have an unholy love of Williams-Sonoma.  It's a ridiculously overpriced kitchen store with wonderful shiny kitchen implements and expensive table linens. I don't cook but I can't resist shiny kitchen implements.  The boy always likes to drag me into the store to stare at the shiny. This weekend though they were having a kick ass sale. I purchased 4 porcelain dishes with yellow bees on them and matching glasses and a beautiful tablecloth and place mats. All for about 1/5 regular price. The tablecloth alone was $20 marked down from $140! 

I spent the rest of the weekend on a shopping high.

Why did I not know that this story existed?  

Back to work...

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